Dish Network HDTV Dvr

Dish Network HDTV DVR

Dish network is one of two HDTV cable services available in the US. The other one is DirecTV cable service. Dish network has approximately over 12 million subscribers in the USA. These subscribers basically made Dish Network their entertainment hub and reports revealed that the number of satisfied customers continue to grow.

Dish network cable service has started to increase their free channels and is also provideing freebies alongside with the free channels. When you say people, it can mean many things, but for the subscribers of Dish network, free means provisioning and installing all the specialized equipment that are necessary for the subscribers’ ultimate viewing experience right in the privacy of their own home.

This simply means that subscribers will be improving their home entertainment programs with the best technology available in the market and they do not have to spend more than a cent.

From Dish network, subscribers do not have to pay for very expensive satellite TV equipment, and subscribers will instead take advantage of what they have to offer in order to improve their television viewing habits.

Dish network Satellite TV systems provides and gives to each new subscriber several free equipment that includes a satellite television dish, a high definition (HDTV) digital receiver, as well as a Dish Network HDTV DVR or digital video recorder plus with all the necessary installation or instructions.

Dish Network HDTV DVR

The Dish network HDTV DVR model 942 is the HDTV industry’s first HDTV tuner or receiver that offered DVR and high definition capabilities along side with a multi-room function abilities. Dish network HDTV DVR subscribers only need to connect one two or more high definition TVs, and get as well as record high definition programming, and they will be able to enjoy Dish network HDTV DVR.

Listed below are some of the features of the Dish network HDTV DVR:

1.The Dish network HDTV DVR has a combined high definition (HD) and the standard definition (SD) two tuner cable satellite receiver that gives the subscriber a number of multi-room viewing options as well as a Dish network HDTV DVR Picture-In-Picture (PIP) capabilities.

2.The Dish network HDTV DVR also has a Dish Network DVR service that lets a subscriber to be able to pause live TV action. The Dish network HDTV DVR subscribers can play, stop, fast reverse, fast forward, as well as skip forward and much much more.

3.The Dish network HDTV DVR also has a 250 Gigabyte hard drive.

4.The Dish network HDTV DVR also has up to 180 hours of standard definition recording, up to 25 hours of high definition recording, or any possible combination of the two.

5.The Dish network HDTV DVR has a 1 UHF and 1 Infrared light four-component universal remote controls.

6.Aside from all of this, the Dish network HDTV DVR has up to 9 days of extended Electronic Programming Guide.

The subscribers only charge is for the high definition programming package that he was able to choose to be delivered right into his house. Also, there is a small activation fee but this charge is credited back on your initial programming billing account.

Surveys and statistical data have indicated that Dish network prices are very low as compared to what a potential subscriber will pay to existing cable TV providers. The main difference is that the susbcriber will be getting more programming for the entertainment money that he is willing to spend.

Dish network Satellite TV systems also offer subscribers with over 256 channels of the highest quality, digital high and standard definition programming. Dish network has a larger, and more diverse selection of the available spectacular HDTV (High Definition TV) programming, and about 50 channels of digital Sirius music.

Dish network’s line-up includes a wide variety of sports program, all the premium movie channels (about 500 commercial-free movies for each month), a complete children’s programming, all the adult channels that you have enjoyed, all the interactive gaming, all the regular local and national weather, the usual news and traffic regular updates, and an excellent multi-cultural channel line-up of international appeal, the regular educational programming, the lifestyle channels, and much much more.

Reviewing Methods Of Automatically(unattended) Installing Windows And A Set Of

Reviewing Methods Of Automatically(unattended) Installing Windows And A Set Of Software.

* Use the standard automatic installation features for each program separately (silent installation keys)
* Write a script for automatic installation.
* Create a bootable disk for installing Windows and other software.

Let us take each method and tools implementing it in detail.

1. Standard software tools. Using silent installation keys (silent keys).

A lot of installers allow you to automatically install software using special keys (command line parameters). The user does not need to do anything in this case. All values will be set to their defaults. Every installer has its own set of such keys.


InstallShield: /s setup.exe /s
Windows Installer: /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress setup.msi “/qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress”
Inno Setup: /VERYSILENT setup.exe /VERYSILENT


+ high installation speed without user attendance


* the user has to know for sure which installer and key are used during the software installation.
* some installers do not support silent installation.

2. Writing a script for automatic installation.

Special programming languages (scripting languages) are used to write scripts. The most popular is AutoIt. Its main purpose is automating work with the Windows graphical interface.

AutoIt can:

* Run Windows and DOS programs
* Simulate keystrokes and their combinations
* Simulate mouse moves and clicks
* Move, resize windows and control their parameters
* Directly interact with window control elements (get/modify a caption, move, disable windows and so on)
* Work with the clipboard controlling its text contents
* Read, modify and create registry keys and values

AutoIt includes a script interpreter and compiler. If you write and debug your own script, you can easily convert it into a regular exe file that already runs as a standalone file.


* writing flexible scripts
* creating a standalone exe file


– having to learn the scripting language and the Windows operating system.

3. Creating an automatic Windows and software installation disk.

There are special program for creating an automatic Windows and software installation disk. The most well-known ones are nLite and MultiSet

nLite. The program can create a bootable disk with the following operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003. It also allows you to integrate some service packs and, if necessary, remove some components from the operating system (Media Player, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, MSN Explorer, Messenger, etc.). As a result, you get the ISO image of a bootable disk with Windows.


* freeware
* create a bootable Windows disk


– impossible to automatically install any custom software

* Automatic software installation
* Automatic Windows and software installation. Since MultiSet can run disks of any types with parameters, the two above methods can be easily integrated in it (using silent keys and executing a written script from AutoIt).

Advantage MultiSet:

* Automatic Windows installation. It is possible to create a CD/DVD for the automatic installation of the Windows operating system on any computer. The operating system can be installed in any mode: repairing Windows (installing above the current version of the operating system) or reinstalling it completely.
* Automatic installation of any software. It is possible to create a CD/DVD that will automatically install any sets of software on multiple computers. For example, after Windows is installed, it is possible to install service packs, drivers, localizations, any software (codecs, audio players, service tools…) and configure them automatically as well.
* Creating a bootable disk for simultaneous unattended Windows and software installation. It is possible to create a disk that will install both Windows and a set of software.
* Automatically restoring software settings and tuning Windows. It is possible to automatically restore software and Windows settings. It is possible to restore registry keys, run special tools.

MultiSet already studied at University!

The Academy of Modern Information Technologies has created a special course dealing with unattended Windows and software installation. The aim of the course is to provide students with theoretical and practical skills allowing them to create a bootable Windows distribution package that will be automatically installed on a PC with maximum number of drivers and software without the user’s attendance. The MultiSet software is studied within this course. This program is a leader in the field of automating unattended software installation. Upon completing the course, students will get enough knowledge to create a completely automatic Windows distribution package that will be installed on a personal computer without a single mouse click and then automatically install all drivers (these drivers work for 95% of personal computers) and automatically install all software necessary for this or that computer. MultiSet became the de facto standard in this field long ago that is why educational institutions choose this product.


+ creating a bootable disk with Windows and a set of software


– impossible to enhance a created script


All methods, and the above programs in particular, serve the same purpose create a bootable disk for the automatic Windows and software installation. But they do it differently. nLite and SetupStudio are tailored towards the modification of the Windows distribution package, i.e. the integration of service packs and patches into it. As to the automatic installation of other software, it is done easily the user has to either use silent keys or specify the approximate installation algorithm based on the one the program offers. MultiSet placed the emphasis on the automatic installation of any software together with Windows making it possible to use silent keys and automatic configuration.

The programs can complement each other: a script written in AutoIt can be easily executed in MultiSet, an nLite disk can automatically install sets of software from MultiSet.

How To Write Web 2.0 Content That Interests Online Readers

How To Write Web 2.0 Content That Interests Online Readers

Modern “web 2.0” writing consists of writing copy for websites, blogs, social media sites, digital publications, press releases, and so forth. Online readers tend to act more impatiently because they expect to find what they are seeking within at least ten seconds of their search. The standard time users spend reading online content is around 15-20 seconds. For this reason, you need to appeal to the reader to visit your website within that timeframe. To accomplish this goal, you need to write informative content that greatly interests readers.

Here are my 5 favorite tips to improve your writing.

Tip 1: Always write clearly, and know what message you want to communicate in your copy. Online readers are quite eager to move from article to article. If you write content that readers struggle to understand, then you can bet that these readers will not return to your website a second time. Convey your thoughts, ideas and concepts clearly, and your readers can learn something valuable from you.

Tip 2: Always write concisely. This differs from writing clearly. Here, you want to be direct and to the point. Avoid writing flowery, pompous, descriptive prose. Online readers don’t have time to read long-winded sentences that go nowhere. Concise writing is important to hold readers’ attention. Writing concisely allows you to explain your topic clearly and with more impact.

Tip 3: Begin the first paragraph with the main point of your message. The first sentence of the paragraph should clue the reader into what you are about to discuss. Online readers like to “speed read” through content; if you put the main point first in every paragraph, then the reader is more likely to spend time reading the full content. Avoid writing the history or past facts about a topic until you have discussed the main point; then you can expand on the topic with supporting details. It is also good writing practice to vary sentence and paragraph length because it is easier on the eyes,

Tip 4: Write copy with a 2% or less keyword-density ratio. If you tend to shove in keywords and phrases in an attempt to rank higher in Google, you are doing an injustice to your readers. Do not clog informative articles with keywords because you will destroy the integrity of the information. Readers hate keyword-stuffing, and Google hates it even more. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use keywords; but be discreet and favor useful content over keyword-stuffing.

Tip 5: Retain the keyword distance and keyword density while writing your copy. Use only one keyword in one sentence or every 2-3 sentences. You can calculate keyword-density by dividing the sum of each keyword by the sum of words in the copy. Stuffing too many keywords in your content will have a negative effect on your website so use keywords and phrases sparingly.

Always remember these tips when writing content for online readers. You should aim to: 1) attract readers; 2) increase traffic; 3) convert readers into customers; and 4) increase online sales.